Manure Spreader Beater Design

Customers sometimes ask us what top beaters or shredder bars are used for on manure spreaders. They are designed to break up and shred clumps of pen-packed manure in order to help the spreader’s main beater put out a more even spread pattern. Actually, our Conestoga single-beater design with its rooster-comb paddles will spread most pen-packed material just as well as or even better than competitive spreaders equipped with shredder bars. So, why pay for all the added weight and probable maintenance costs of a shredder bar? But what about customers who work frequently in really heavy pen-packed material and request a solution? Conestoga offers for them a top beater as an option.

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Manure Spreader Manufacturer

Did you know that Conestoga Manufacturing, LLC is one of the most highly regarded manure spreader manufacturers? Conestoga has been building manure spreaders since 2001 and all manufacturing and assembly is completed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our spreaders are designed to with stand the test of time and built to meet the unique requirements of small farmers and horse owners. As a manure spreader manufacturer , Conestoga Manufacturing, LLC understands that in order to build a long lasting high quality small manure spreader you need to have the perfect combination of design and materials. With our Stainless Steel T-bars and chain as well as the use of COR-TEN Steel, we feel like we have developed the best product on the market. Our spreaders are also built with you in mind and are very affordable and comparable to others on the market today.

We offer 6 different model spreaders for our customers so you can pick the size and options that fit your needs best. Check them out today!

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Conestoga Manure Spreaders – Videos

Conestoga Manufacturing, LLC is pleased to announce that we are adding videos to our website to help further educate our future and current customers. Our videos will help showcase our manure spreaders, highlight important features in our spreaders, and provide maintenance tips to extend the life of your spreader.

Please feel free to view our first video below, explaining how the design and manufacturing of our beater blades help set us apart.


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Learn what sets Conestoga Manure Spreaders Apart

Stainless Steel Web Chain & Bars

Did you know that Conestoga Manure Spreaders are the only spreader that offers stainless steel web chain & bars as standard in every spreader that they manufacture? Conestoga Manufacturing started producing spreaders in 2001 & originally started using steel chain and bars as many as our competitors STILL do.  The problem with steel chain and bars is that after 5 to 8 years they will start to rust and deteriorate. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of quality and decided that switching all models to using a stainless steel web chain and bars was the best for our product and for our customers. In addition to providing extra peace of mind with the stainless steel web chain and bars , we use CorTen Steel to resist any rusting for the body of the spreader.


COR-TEN® steel

Weathering steel, best-known under the trademark COR-TEN® steel, is a group of steel alloys that were developed to eliminate the need for painting and form a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the weather for several years. Weathering steel has increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion when compared to other steels. COR-TEN® resists the corrosive effects of rain, snow, ice, fog, and other meteorological conditions by forming a coating of dark brown oxidation over the metal, which inhibits deeper penetration and negates the need for painting and costly rust-prevention maintenance over the years. In simple terms, the steel is allowed to rust, and that rust forms a protective coating that slows the rate of future corrosion. This helps your manure spreader to last longer.


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Visit Us at the Equine Affairs Show




Conestoga Manure Spreaders is pleased to announce we will be participating in the Equine Affairs Show in West Springfield, Massachusetts on November 13th through November 16th, 2014. Our booth will be set up in the Mallory South Building and we invite you to come visit us. We will be showcasing our spreaders and be offering show specials.

Conestoga Manufacturing, LLC is known as the highest quality Manure Spreader manufacturer. If you have any questions or want more information on the show, feel free to reach out to us at 855-822-1976.

We hope to see you in West Springfield!

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Manure Spreaders


At Conestoga Manufacturing we understand what it takes to make the best quality Manure Spreaders on the market, as we have been doing it for years. Our manure spreaders are ideal for small farms, horse enthusiasts, organic farms, or any application in which you want to spread manure. Our manure spreaders are durable and rugged and stand up to harsh daily use.

Whether you need a manure spreader to attach to your garden tractor, ATV, or compact tractor we have a model to fit your needs. Our spreaders come in both ground drive models and PTO drive models. We know you have many options when it comes to choosing and purchasing a manure spreader but here is what sets us apart:

  • Stainless Steel Bars
  • Stainless Steel T-Rod Chain (which is standard on most models)
  • COR-TEN steel that offers the BEST in corrosion resistance
  • Highest Quality materials including bolts, bearings, chains, and sprockets

Click here to view our selection of Manure Spreaders or view the comparison table below. We can provide fast and easy pricing by filling out the form at the bottom of this page and any individual product page.

Manure Spreaders we offer:

Features,E-25,C-25,C-50,C-50 PTO,C-80 PTO,C-125 PTO
Capacity,18 cu. ft.,20 cu. ft.,38 cu. ft.,38 cu. ft.,58 cu. ft.,85 cu. ft.
Overall Length,9' 4",9' 10",12',12',14',16' 6"
Overall Width,48-1/2",49-3/4",60",57",65",76"
Loading Height,29",28",33",33",36",43"
Flared Width,37-1/2",36",44-1/2",45",48",59"
Box Width,27",28",35",35",38",46"
Box Length,73",70",90",84",101",128"
Box Height,15",15-1/2",18",18",20",24"
Box Construction,14-GA,12-GA COR-TEN,12-GA COR-TEN,12-GA COR-TEN,12-GA COR-TEN,10-GA COR-TEN
Floor Construction,High Density,Polyvinyl ¾" T&G,(all models),,,,,
Beater Paddles,8 welded,12 replaceable,12 replaceable,12 replaceable,12 replaceable,12 replaceable
Beater Diameter,15-1/2",18",19",19",21",22"
Drive,2-Wheel GD,2-Wheel GD,2-Wheel GD,PTO w/Gear Box,PTO w/Gear Box,PTO w/Gear Box
Apron Chain,5/16" T-Rod,3/8" SST T-Rod,3/8" SST T-Rod,3/8" SST T-Rod,3/8" SST T-Rod,3/8" SST T-Rod
Apron Drive,1-Speed RD,4-Speed RD,4-Speed RD,4-Speed RD,4-Speed RD,4-Speed
Wheels,12 x 6 4-Bolt,12 x 6 4-Bolt,15 x 5 4-Bolt,15 x 5 4 Bolt,15 x 6 6-Bolt,8-Bolt
Tires,6/12 Traction,6/12 Traction,5.90/15 Traction,5.90/15 IMP,9.50/15 IMP,10/15 SL
Horse Power Required,N/A,N/A,N/A,15 hp PTO,18 hp PTO,35 hp PTO
Weight (with tires),410 lbs.,600 lbs.,825 lbs.,825 lbs.,950 lbs.,1700 lbs.

Get a price or ask for additional information.



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Be Proud to Buy “Made in the USA” Products

There’s a lot to be said for investing in products and companies that keep all their manufacturing here “at home in the great USA!” In fact, here are 7 outstanding reasons why you should only buy American:

1.) The manufacturing processes used here in the United States are much cleaner for the environment than those in many other countries. Many brands sold here are produced in countries that use processes that create or leave behind high levels of pollutants. When you purchase a product that’s Made in the USA, you know that you’re helping to keep the world cleaner for the next generation.

2.) Safety standards for products manufactured in other countries are low. For example, poisonous levels of lead were in millions of toys shipped to the USA. When you buy toys and other products made here, you can be confident that your children will be safe, thanks to American consumer protection laws and safety standards that are in place to protect your family.

3.) In many countries, foreign labor standards allow for unsafe working conditions. Buying American not only supports American companies, but also American workers and safe working conditions.

4.) The minimum wage is outrageously low in many foreign countries. And some countries have no minimum wage restrictions at all. When you choose American-made products, you contribute to good, fair pay for solid, hard workers.

5.) Buying goods made in the USA keeps the American economy growing. Most jobs shipped overseas never come back to our soil. When you buy products made here, you foster the creation of more jobs in America, and fewer that find their way to foreign lands.

6.) If US manufacturing declines, future generations of Americans will have trouble finding relevant jobs. Keeping the US job market growing depends, in part, on the purchase of Made-in-America products.

7.) The decrease in US manufacturing of certain products leads to a reliance on outside trade. Buying American-made products fosters American independence.

To learn more about Conestoga’s “Made in the USA” product line, view Conestoga’s options or call 1-855-822-1976.

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Need a New Manure Spreader — What Size is Best?

Horse enthusiasts and small farms looking to purchase a manure spreader often run across the question of “what size works best?” For a simple answer, consider the following:

• How many horses / stalls do you have?
• How much of the day are they in their stalls?
• How often do you have time to spread manure?
• How far away is the area where you will be spreading manure?

For reference, an average 1,000 lb. horse that spends most of its time in a stall will produce about 50 lbs. of manure per day. This equals out to about 2 cubic feet of manure per horse per day. This gives you a good benchmark for the size spreader you need. If your horses are in the stall for only half the day, you can estimate about 1 cu. ft. of manure per horse per day. With this in mind, 10 horses in their stalls for half the day would require a 58 cu. ft. spreader to be emptied once every 5 days. Taking into account the distance between stalls and the field or pasture where you’re spreading the manure, you could probably go with a smaller, 20 cu. ft. spreader and spread every 2 or 3 days.

With 20 stalls, you would more than likely want to go with at least a 58 cu. ft. spreader. With all 20 horses in their stalls for ¾ of the day, and each horse generating around 2 cu. ft. of manure per day, you would need a spreader large enough to pick 40 cu. ft. of manure, covering all 20 stalls. A 58 cu. ft. spreader would work well for 20 stalls because it would hold a full day of manure when the stalls are at full capacity, or 2 or 3 days when the stalls are at a lower capacity. If your stalls are full on a daily basis, and the field or pasture is far away, you would probably want to go with an 85 cu. ft. unit to lessen trips to the field or pasture for spreading.

To find out more about the choices available to you, view Conestoga’s options or call 1-855-822-1976 to discuss your specific situation.

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Buying a new manure spreader?

Consider these things first: Are you ready to buy a new compact manure spreader? Make sure you do your home work before you buy the first model you see. A quality manure spreader should last for many years. It should also be “right sized” to your application meaning that it suits your needs and is easy for you to use. Before you make a purchasing decision, be sure to consider the following:

What is the warranty being offered? A quality manure spreader is manufactured for daily use and therefore should carry a warranty that stands up to regular usage as well as outdoor conditions. Most small manure spreaders carry a 10 year warranty on the spreader sides and a 3 year full warranty on some smaller models and lifetime guarantees on polyvinyl flooring and stainless apron chains. You should look for models with warranties at this level, at a minimum.

Other than the warranty, what guarantees are being offered? Be wary of the word guaranteed. But that doesn’t mean that some manufacturers, like Conestoga Manure Spreaders, don’t offer high-quality standard product enhancements that aren’t available elsewhere. For example, we are the only US manufacturer to offer stainless steel T-rod chains as a standard feature on all Conestoga manure spreaders except for the E-25. This boosts the longevity of your product.

How easy is it to use the manure spreader? Your manure spreader should not only be durable and sturdy, it should also be easy for you to hook up to an ATV or garden tractor (or trailer depending on your model size). Remember, a manure spreader replaces manual labor so it needs to be easy for you to use on a regular basis.

Do I need all the options available? Great question. Don’t assume you need all options. Work with your dealer to help identify your specific needs and discuss your preferences and concerns. Some options are actually standard when you get into larger sized models (such as such as a jack and an adjustable hitch). The fine spread pan, top beater and end gate are key options to consider as they relate to ease of use and distribution.

Can I get a maintenance free manure spreader? No. There is no such thing as a maintenance free manure spreader and you should not consider purchasing a manure spreader that is promoted as being one. The fact is no manure spreader is maintenance free. Every piece of farm or horse equipment needs regular maintenance and greasing to last, especially manure spreaders. Without regular maintenance or greasing, you can expect spreaders to last 2 or 3 years at the very longest. If you have questions about maintenance, read our article about Manure Spreader Maintenance. Choosing the right manure spreader is a decision that should take some time. Ask your dealer questions and read online reviews. Good luck!

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