Small Manure Spreader Product Comparison


Conestoga Manufacturing believes in its quality, affordable manure spreaders. We encourage you to compare our small manure spreaders to others.

If you have questions, please call 855-822-1976 or use our contact form.

Choose Conestoga compact manure spreaders:

  • Stainless steel T-Rod chain—the only one on the market that is standard! (most models)
  • Stainless Steel Bars
  • COR-TEN® steel for corrosion resistance
  • Easy to use and maintain to reduce the manure spreading chore by 50%!
  • High quality materials including bolts, bearings, chains, and sprockets to withstand daily use and ensure longevity.

Conestoga Ground Drive Spreaders are constructed of high-quality steel and include all-hardened sprockets, all grade-5 bolts, all oil-impregnated bronze, all sealed bearings, all heavy-duty roller chain. See the details below to see why Conestoga is “A Load Above the Rest!”

All Conestoga manure spreaders come installed with the following:

Conestoga Standard Specifications

Features,C-25,C-50,C-50 PTO,C-80 PTO,C-125 PTO, C-175 PTO
Capacity,20 cu. ft.,38 cu. ft.,38 cu. ft.,58 cu. ft.,85 cu. ft.,115 cu. ft.
Overall Length,9' 10",12',12',14',16' 6",17' 8"
Overall Width,49-3/4",60",57",65",76",80"
Loading Height,28",33",33",36",43",45"
Flared Width,36",44-1/2",45",48",59",59"
Box Width,28",35",35",38",46",47"
Box Length,70",90",84",101",128",144"
Box Height,15-1/2",18",18",20",24",25"
Box Construction,12-GA COR-TEN,12-GA COR-TEN,12-GA COR-TEN,12-GA COR-TEN,10-GA COR-TEN,10-GA COR-TEN
Floor Construction,High Density,Polyvinyl ¾" T&G,(all models),,,,,
Beater Paddles,12 replaceable,12 replaceable,12 replaceable,12 replaceable,12 replaceable,12 replaceable
Beater Diameter,18",19",19",21",22",22"
Drive,2-Wheel GD,2-Wheel GD,PTO w/Gear Box,PTO w/Gear Box,PTO w/Gear Box,PTO w/Gear Box
Apron Chain,3/8" SST T-Rod,3/8" SST T-Rod,3/8" SST T-Rod,3/8" SST T-Rod,3/8" SST T-Rod, 7/16" SST T-Rod
Apron Drive,4-Speed RD,4-Speed RD,4-Speed RD,4-Speed RD,4-Speed,3-Speed
Wheels,12 x 6 4-Bolt,15 x 5 4-Bolt,15 x 5 4 Bolt,15 x 6 6-Bolt,8-Bolt,8-Bolt
Tires,6/12 Traction,5.90/15 Traction,5.90/15 IMP,9.50/15 IMP,10/15 SL,11/22.5 SL
Horse Power Required,N/A,N/A,15 hp PTO,18 hp PTO,35 hp PTO,60 hp PTO
Weight (with tires),600 lbs.,825 lbs.,825 lbs.,950 lbs.,1700 lbs.,1900 lbs.

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