There’s a lot to be said for investing in products and companies that keep all their manufacturing here “at home in the great USA!” In fact, here are 7 outstanding reasons why you should only buy American:

1.) The manufacturing processes used here in the United States are much cleaner for the environment than those in many other countries. Many brands sold here are produced in countries that use processes that create or leave behind high levels of pollutants. When you purchase a product that’s Made in the USA, you know that you’re helping to keep the world cleaner for the next generation.

2.) Safety standards for products manufactured in other countries are low. For example, poisonous levels of lead were in millions of toys shipped to the USA. When you buy toys and other products made here, you can be confident that your children will be safe, thanks to American consumer protection laws and safety standards that are in place to protect your family.

3.) In many countries, foreign labor standards allow for unsafe working conditions. Buying American not only supports American companies, but also American workers and safe working conditions.

4.) The minimum wage is outrageously low in many foreign countries. And some countries have no minimum wage restrictions at all. When you choose American-made products, you contribute to good, fair pay for solid, hard workers.

5.) Buying goods made in the USA keeps the American economy growing. Most jobs shipped overseas never come back to our soil. When you buy products made here, you foster the creation of more jobs in America, and fewer that find their way to foreign lands.

6.) If US manufacturing declines, future generations of Americans will have trouble finding relevant jobs. Keeping the US job market growing depends, in part, on the purchase of Made-in-America products.

7.) The decrease in US manufacturing of certain products leads to a reliance on outside trade. Buying American-made products fosters American independence.