Consider these things first: Are you ready to buy a new compact manure spreader? Make sure you do your home work before you buy the first model you see. A quality manure spreader should last for many years. It should also be “right sized” to your application meaning that it suits your needs and is easy for you to use. Before you make a purchasing decision, be sure to consider the following:

What is the warranty being offered? A quality manure spreader is manufactured for daily use and therefore should carry a warranty that stands up to regular usage as well as outdoor conditions. Most small manure spreaders carry a 10 year warranty on the spreader sides and a 3 year full warranty on some smaller models and lifetime guarantees on polyvinyl flooring and stainless apron chains. You should look for models with warranties at this level, at a minimum.

Other than the warranty, what guarantees are being offered? Be wary of the word guaranteed. But that doesn’t mean that some manufacturers, like Conestoga Manure Spreaders, don’t offer high-quality standard product enhancements that aren’t available elsewhere. For example, we are the only US manufacturer to offer stainless steel T-rod chains as a standard feature on all Conestoga manure spreaders except for the E-25. This boosts the longevity of your product.

How easy is it to use the manure spreader? Your manure spreader should not only be durable and sturdy, it should also be easy for you to hook up to an ATV or garden tractor (or trailer depending on your model size). Remember, a manure spreader replaces manual labor so it needs to be easy for you to use on a regular basis.

Do I need all the options available? Great question. Don’t assume you need all options. Work with your dealer to help identify your specific needs and discuss your preferences and concerns. Some options are actually standard when you get into larger sized models (such as such as a jack and an adjustable hitch). The fine spread pan, top beater and end gate are key options to consider as they relate to ease of use and distribution.

Can I get a maintenance free manure spreader? No. There is no such thing as a maintenance free manure spreader and you should not consider purchasing a manure spreader that is promoted as being one. The fact is no manure spreader is maintenance free. Every piece of farm or horse equipment needs regular maintenance and greasing to last, especially manure spreaders. Without regular maintenance or greasing, you can expect spreaders to last 2 or 3 years at the very longest. If you have questions about maintenance, read our article about Manure Spreader Maintenance. Choosing the right manure spreader is a decision that should take some time. Ask your dealer questions and read online reviews. Good luck!