Stainless steel drop spreaders for sale

Just like all of our other products, we pour everything we have into our drop spreaders. Conestoga Manufacturing is proud to be able to put “Made in America” on all of our drop spreaders for sale. We focus on making the highest quality products that will get the job done. Our DSC Drop Spreaders come in the 3 different sizes to accommodate your specific needs.


3 Drop Spreader Sizes To Choose From!


DSC-4800 Drop Spreader


DSC-6000 Drop Spreader


DSC-7200 Drop Spreader


Conestoga’s DSC series spreaders are some of the best drop spreaders for sale on the market today. Comparable to any larger brand, these spreaders are built from durable all-weather material and feature stainless-steel boxes. Conestoga’s drop spreaders come in different sizes to meet your specific application needs.

Use Your Drop Spreader Any Time of Year!

No more swapping out your drop spreader when the seasons or applications change. With Conestoga Manufacturing’s Drop Spreaders, you can purchase one model for multiple materials. Save time, money, and storage space!

Our all-season, ground-drive drop spreaders can handle lime, salt, sand, fertilizer, and more with guaranteed reliability and ease of use.

Our drop spreaders are perfect for small farms, farmettes, or large properties (for homes with tractors). Learn more about the model that’s right for your needs.

With three models from which to choose and standard features that ensure durability, accuracy, and ease of use, we’re sure there is a Conestoga Drop Spreader that is just right for your needs. Learn more about our models and features

Why Buy a Drop Spreader for sale from Conestoga Manufacturing?

  • MADE IN THE USA in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
  • Easy to use controls allow for broad or precise application.
  • Manufactured from high quality, durable materials designed for daily outdoor use.
  • All drop spreaders ship fully assembled!

Drop spreader features

You can save money, time, and storage space by purchasing one of the stainless-steel drop spreaders we have for sale, which will serve you year-round. Our all-season, ground-drive DSC drop spreaders can handle lime, salt, sand, fertilizer, and more with guaranteed reliability and ease of use.

Looking For Smaller Drop Spreaders?

If you’re looking for smaller drop spreaders that are still heavy duty then check out our sister company Earth & Turf Products! Earth & Turf offers a line of smaller ATV lime drop spreaders that are more affordable in comparison to our commercial-grade stainless steel drop spreaders. The Dri-Flo series of drop spreaders are designed for market farmers, homeowners, and hunters treating and preparing their food plots. 

The Dri-Flo drop spreader line is designed to handle dry materials like lime, seeds, and other dry ag products. In place of more expensive stainless steel, their hoppers are made from durable painted steel. They still offer 15 spreader settings for precision application and feature optional upgrades including a locking material lid. You can easily pull Dri-Flo spreaders with your ATV, lawn tractor, or UTV vehicle. Head over to Earth & Turf’s site to find the compact lime drop spreader for you.

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