Did you know that Conestoga Manufacturing, LLC is one of the most highly regarded manure spreader manufacturers? Conestoga has been building manure spreaders since 2001 and all manufacturing and assembly is completed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our spreaders are designed to with stand the test of time and built to meet the unique requirements of small farmers and horse owners. As a manure spreader manufacturer , Conestoga Manufacturing, LLC understands that in order to build a long lasting high quality small manure spreader you need to have the perfect combination of design and materials. With our Stainless Steel T-bars and chain as well as the use of COR-TEN Steel, we feel like we have developed the best product on the market. Our spreaders are also built with you in mind and are very affordable and comparable to others on the market today.

We offer 6 different model spreaders for our customers so you can pick the size and options that fit your needs best. Check them out today!