Conestoga Manufacturing LLC has come out with a new addition to their spreader line up, The 25 and 50 ground drive manure spreaders now come standard with a pulverizing second beater bar. This second beater will allow the user to pulverize the manure while spreading so it break down in your meadow quicker. Another new addition to this spreader is the feather light levers that allow you to engage and disengage your manure spreader with less effort making it easier on your hands. As with all Conestoga manure spreaders the stainless steel apron chain comes standard with every spreader. Conestoga after 17 years in the manufacturing of compact manure spreaders discovered a standard A35 steel apron chain will rust through within 7-9 years.

Here is a break down of the cost to replace a standard A35 steel chain:


Material $246.00
Shipping $75.00
Labor to replace $225.00
Total replacement cost $546.00
VS our stainless apron chain = $0
A stainless steel apron chain will never rust giving you the value of no downtime and giving you more value for your money. Conestoga has also considered building complete stainless steel manure spreaders but after much thought and research we felt the components would not last long enough to justify the cost of going all stainless.
Conestoga has recently purchased Earth and Turf Products LLC, which has opened a new door in the compost spreader market. Please check us out at