How To Choose A Manure Pump: A Complete Guide

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Manure management is a crucial aspect of modern agriculture, and having an efficient manure-pumping solution is crucial for sustainable and profitable farming. Conestoga Manure Spreader offers a wide range of reliable and effective manure pumps specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s farmers. This blog post will explore the benefits of using Conestoga Manure Speaders to help your farm become more efficient and productive.

What Is a Manure Pump?

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Manure pumps are commonly known as slurry pumps or agitator pumps. They are mechanized devices used to transport manure on farms. They are typically used to transfer liquid or semi-liquid manure from pits or lagoons to fields for spreading or other disposal methods. Manure pumps are an essential component of modern manure management systems, helping farms handle large volumes of manure generated by livestock or poultry.

Manure pumps play a big part in cutting down on labor requirements for farmers, as they help farmers handle manure requirements quickly and efficiently. We are proud to offer a high-quality submersible pumps, built to handle manure’s abrasive and viscous nature. In the next section of the blog, we will dive deeper into the benefits of choosing manure pumps and tips for proper operation. 

What Pump Pressure Do You Need?

You can choose from three different options depending on the volume of manure you are looking to move. You can use this information to decide which type of manure pump works best for you. 

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1. High Volume Pump

The size of the opening is the easiest way to tell that this model is a high-volume pump. These pit manure pumps are built to move large volumes of manure quickly, but the large opening causes lower pressure than the other models. Because of the lower pressure, they can’t pump manure far away from your pit like a high-pressure or extreme-pressure pump. This is a great way to save loading time if you can load beside or close to your manure pit. 

2. High-Pressure Pump

This is our most popular pump and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. This manure pump’s intake opening is smaller than the high-volume model, creating higher pressure for pumping. It can efficiently pump manure to another pit or a spreader through a dragline up to 1,500 feet away at a max elevation of 80 feet! This pump allows for an efficient transfer through long pipelines, reducing the need for multiple pumping stations and saving energy costs. Another benefit of a high-pressure pump is that it will not clog as easily as a low-pressure one, as it keeps the manure moving quickly without causing a buildup. 

3. Extreme Pressure Manure Pump

This is by far our most powerful pump. The extreme pressure of this pump can pump manure up to 120 feet of elevation, as well as allowing you to transport manure up to 2,000 feet away uphill. This is a popular choice for farmers who want to load directly to their fields to fill the tanker spreader or if there is no way to get the spreader close to the pit for loading.

What Type Of Pump Do You Need?

When choosing the right pit pump for your manure management system, the next vital factor to consider is how you need it to be mounted. There are three options available, and each has its advantages. 

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Mounted Wall Pump

This stationary pump mounts directly onto the straight wall of your manure pit. You can leave this pump in place as long as you need, it comes with an agitator so you can store up your manure pit whenever a crust starts to form, but with one switch of a lever, it changes to a pump allowing you to fill tank spreaders or move the manure to another pit. This option is ideal if you have a dedicated manure pit location and do not require the pump to be moved frequently. 

Two-Point Hitch Pump

This pump requires a tractor with the capabilities to lift alot of weight. This pump is excellent for smaller manure pits or farmers needing more flexibility regarding pump location. It can easily be attached to a tractor with a two-point hitch, allowing for mobility and diversity in your pump location. 

Trailered Manure Pump

Depending on your preference, this option comes with two tires (or metal wheels) and can be pulled behind a tractor or pickup truck for easy transportation to other locations. This provides ultimate mobility and flexibility for farmers who frequently move their pumps between different manure pits. However, it may have some capacity limitations and may not be suitable for high-volume manure systems. If you still need to figure out which type of pump will work best for you, contact us, and we can help you figure out which pump works best for your situation.

5 Benefits Of Using Conestoga Manure Pumps

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1. Powerful Performance

Conestoga Manure Pumps have powerful engines and heavy-duty impellers, ensuring efficient pumping performance. They are designed to handle a wide range of manure consistencies, from liquid to thick slurry, making them suitable for various farming operations; Our manure pumps are capable of transferring manure from storage pits with ease, allowing farmings to manage their manure efficiently. 

2. High-Quality Manure Pumps

Manure pumps are very susceptible to corrosion and rust. The wet manure moving through them for a long time makes it challenging to keep them from showing signs of wear. Here at Conestoga Manure Pumps, we build our pumps to last, you may find a cheaper pump elsewhere, but we can guarantee you won’t find a higher-quality or longer-lasting pump on the market. We use stainless steel for the parts of the pump that are problematic on other brands of manure pumps; this means you don’t have to worry about these parts rusting out any time soon. 

3. Efficient and Sustainable

Conestoga Manure Spreaders are designed to help farmers meet their sustainability goals. Our pumps help farmers minimize manure handling and transportation costs and reduce odor. Our extreme pressure model can propel manure up to 2000 ft. which is very useful if you cannot get your spreader near the pit. 

4. Cost Saving

Using a manure pump will have you wondering how you survived without one! While the initial expense of a manure pump may seem expensive, the long-term results are well worth the purchase. At Conestoga Manure Spreaders, we use only the best materials to build our manure pumps so you can have peace of mind for years. The time that our high-quality manure pumps will save you each year will save you a lot of money; compound that over 10 years, and you will save a considerable amount of time and money from the investment. 

5. Agitate You Manure Pit

If not properly maintained, your manure pit can build up a thick crust on its surface, leading to many issues. The crust is formed by the solid components of manure, such as feces, bedding, and other organic matter, becoming compacted. This crust can become thick and hard, making it hard to remove. Agitating the surface of your manure pit is a crucial practice that can prevent the formation of a crust and ensure efficient waste management on your farm. Mixing the manure with the agitator on our manure pumps will help break up this crust, preventing it from becoming a barrier that hampers the proper management and removal of manure. 

Manure Pump Maintenance And Tips

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Regular Inspections and Cleaning

This tip is crucial for maintaining and getting the best performance out of your manure pump. We highly recommend scheduling regular inspections to ensure that your pump isn’t showing signs of wear in the form of leaks or clogs in your pump system.

This included inspecting the pump impeller, seals, and other components for any damage or debris that might affect the pump’s efficiency. In addition to inspections, cleaning your manure pump is suitable for preventing the buildup of solids or residue that can affect the pump’s performance. This can be done using high-pressure water, or a cleaning solution, depending on the type of pump or the manure being handled. Proper cleaning will extend the life of your pump by removing clogs or blockages.

Ready To Upgrade?

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If you need a reliable and efficient manure pump for your farm, look no further than Conestoga Manure Spreaders. Our wide range of high-quality manure pumps is designed to meet the demands of modern farming. With our durable and dependable pumps, you can optimize your manure management and ensure smooth and efficient operations. Don’t compromise on the quality of your equipment; check out Conestoga Manure Spreaders today to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your farm. Act now and take your farm operations to the next level.