About Conestoga Manufacturing


Conestoga Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of compact manure spreadersground drive manure spreaders, small manure spreaders, full-sized manure spreaders, liquid manure pumps, and drop spreaders. Based in Kirkwood, PA the company was founded in 2001 and we’ve been rolling out some of the highest-quality spreaders since then. Conestoga manufactures a wide range of quality manure spreaders designed to meet the needs of small farmers and horse owners. Whether you’re looking for a larger PTO manure spreader or a smaller ground-driven manure spreader, we have a model for you!

Since we are based in the heart of Lancaster County, PA it is no surprise that Conestoga’s small manure spreaders are known for their durability, ease of use, and overall product quality. Conestoga’s manufacturing team works hard to ensure the integrity and quality of each spreader to solidify its longevity.

Conestoga Manure Spreaders are made in the USA with an eye on continuous product improvement. We evaluate ways in which to improve the product, often based on customer feedback. We strive to make as many of the product components as possible here in the United States. Supporting and giving back to the community is as important to Conestoga’s team, as is delivering a dependable product to the customer.


Meet The Team Dedicated To Serving You:

Conestoga Mfg. is a Lancaster County partnership between two long-time locals: Henry Esh and Aaron Glick. They went into business together to serve the farming community with their manure handling needs. In the beginning, they worked on miscellaneous repairs, liquid manure pumps, liquid spreaders, and compact (solid) manure spreaders. As time went on, the space-taking liquid spreaders were phased out and sold off to ELS, another local manufacturer.

Conestoga now manufactures Liquid Manure Pumps, Solid Compact Manure Spreaders, and Stainless Steel Drop Spreaders for our national market. Though these serve different markets, such as dairies, horse farms, and food plotters, our goals in service are the same: to manufacture quality products and continually listen to customer feedback to grow our design into the most user-friendly, long-lasting product on the market.

Conestoga made a purchase in 2019 of a local company they manufacturedEarth & Turf Products. We manufacture and sell compact compost spreaders and top dressers for landscapers, schools, homeowners, gardeners, and more. These units are like a refined and precision-controlled manure spreader for a finer variety of materials.

Henry Esh

Partner in the Business
Office General & Parts Orders

Jonathan Glick

Research & Development

Aaron Glick

Partner in the Business
Painting & Engineering

Levi Glick

Shop Foreman
Ordering, Engineering, Production

Jeb Fregm

Lead Sales Representative
Marketing Manager East of the Mississippi

Kevin Eichelberger

Sales Representative & Marketing West of the Mississippi




We offer a 10-Year Warranty on our spreader sides, a 3-Year Warranty on our Compact Spreaders, a Lifetime Guarantee on the poly-vinyl floor, and a Lifetime Guarantee on the stainless steel chain. (These warranties do not cover mishandling or abuse of the product.)