Conestoga Manufacturing designs and builds quality Ground Driven Manure Spreaders and PTO Driven Manure Spreaders. For more than 15 years Conestoga Manufacturing has been supplying the agriculture industry with American-made manure spreaders.

We work hard to ensure the integrity and quality of each machine we manufacture. Our spreaders are known for their durability, top-of-the-line quality, and ease of use. They’re perfect for small farms, organic farms, or horse enthusiasts.

We’ve designed each of our spreaders with our customers in mind. We’ve taken years of feedback from our customers and used it to improve our designs so that you can get your work done better and more efficiently using one of our machines. You can learn more about our manure spreaders on our blog page or check out our buyer’s guide for more detailed information about the different models we offer. 



conestoga manure spreader with stainless steel apron chain

Stainless Steel Apron Chains

Lifetime Guarantee

All Conestoga Manure Spreaders come equipped with Stainless Steel Apron Chains and a Lifetime Guarantee on each apron chain. Conestoga’s Stainless Steel Apron Chains are one of the KEY FEATURES that set our ground driven manure spreaders and our PTO manure spreaders apart from our competitors. Our chains do not rust. We are so confident in our stainless steel chains that we give them a Lifetime Guarantee. 

You can be confident that a Conestoga Manufacturing Manure Spreader equipped with one of our Stainless Steel Apron Chains can be trusted day in and day out to help you get the job done.

american made manure spreaders for farms and horse enthusiasts

Stainless Steel Apron Chains

Save Time And Save Money

Replacing apron chains can easily cost $500.00 or more. $500.00 or $600.00 is just the price of a replacement chain, that doesn’t factor in the labor costs of other manufacturers or repair shops to actually replace a rusted through chain. You will save money with a Conestoga Stainless Steel Apron Chain because you will never have to worry about replacing the chain on your spreader. 

We want our manure spreaders to perform and function the way they’re supposed to so that you can spend more time getting the work done and less time waiting around for repairs to be completed. Click the button below to get a free price quote on a Conestoga Manure Spreader today.



What Types Of Manure Can You Spread?

A question we often get at Conestoga Manufacturing is, “What types of manure can I spread with one of your ground driven manure spreaders or one of your PTO driven spreaders?”. The answer is simple, you can spread any type of manure with a Conestoga Spreader!

ground driven manure spreader horse manure spreader
ground driven manure spreader cow manure spreader
ground driven manure spreader chicken manure spreader
ground driven manure spreader pig manure spreader
ground driven manure spreader hay mixed with manure
ground driven manure spreader goat manure spreader

It doesn’t matter what type of animal manure you’re spreading with our spreaders. Conestoga Manure Spreaders can handle whatever your job calls for. They can even spread manure mixed with hay or straw, you don’t have to worry about trying to separate those things when cleaning out your barn or barn stalls.

Each Conestoga Manure Spreader comes equipped with 12 Rooster Comb style beater paddles. Each Rooster Comb paddle has 5 teeth that help to maximize the shredding action as the machine operates. Each paddle can be individually removed or replaced if needed thanks to the bolt-on attachment system.

Both our ground-driven manure spreaders and our PTO-driven spreaders have the option of adding a top beater attachment to further increase the efficiency of spreading. Contact us today if you need help determining which size spreader would be best for you or request a free quote if you’re interested in pricing.



What Can You Pull Your Spreader With?

An important thing to figure out is what kind of equipment do you need to pull and operate your manure spreader? You can use a number of different vehicles to pull your Conestoga Manure Spreader. 

We’ll make it simple for you so you don’t have to spend too much time figuring out if you have a vehicle that can tow the size manure spreader you’re looking for. The important thing to remember is that all 4 of our PTO Driven Manure Spreaders need to be hauled by a tractor with PTO capabilities. Our Ground Driven Manure Spreaders can be hauled by lots of different vehicles.

ATVs/4 Wheelers

atv manure spreader hauling


manure spreader utv

Riding Mowers

riding mower manure spreader

Farm Tractors (PTO)

farming tractor pto manure spreader

Ground Driven Manure Spreaders

Our line of compact Ground Driven Manure Spreaders includes the CM-25 and the CM-50. These two spreaders can be towed by a lawn and garden tractor, ATV, UTV, small pickup truck, or a compact tractor with at least 13 hp. They don’t require any PTO power to spread, the beaters and the slats are powered from the ground-drive wheels. If you are looking for smaller, effective machines, our ground-driven manure spreaders are what you’re looking for.

cm 50 ground drive manure spreader compact manure spreader 6

The CM-25 is designed for 1-5 horses. It has a heaped capacity of 26 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 13 hp to tow fully loaded.

The CM-50 is  designed for 5-11 horses. It has a heaped capacity of 50 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 18 hp to tow fully loaded.

PTO Driven Manure Spreaders

Our line of PTO Driven Manure Spreaders includes the C-50, C-80, C-125, and C-175. These four manure spreaders can be towed with any tractor that has PTO capabilities. The smallest PTO-drive, the C-50, only requires 15 PTO hp and the largest, the C-175, requires at least 40 PTO hp. Power Take Off (PTO) drive means that the piece of equipment you’re using needs power from the drive shaft of the vehicle pulling it in order to operate.

manure spreader 80 cubic foot pto spreader

The C-50 is designed for 5-11 horses. It has a heaped capacity of 50 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 15 PTO hp to tow and spread.

The C-80 is designed for 11-20 horses. It has a heaped capacity of 84 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 18 PTO hp to tow and spread.

manure spreaders with pto drives

The C-125 is designed for 21-25 horses. It has a heaped capacity of 125 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 35 PTO hp to tow and spread.

The C-175 is designed for 25+ horses. It has a heaped capacity of 175 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 40 PTO hp to tow and spread.

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Our  Warranty:


Conestoga now offers a 10 Year Warranty on its spreader sides, a 3 Year full warranty on all C-model compact spreaders, a lifetime guarantee on the polyvinyl floor, and a lifetime guarantee on the stainless chain.

These warranties do not cover mishandling or abuse of the product.

We Support a Charity with each purchase:


Conestoga Mfg. supports a local, non-profit organization that uses horses for the good of humanity. This organization is Greystone Manor Therapeutic Riding Center (GMTRC), PO Box 10724, Lancaster, PA 17605-0724, a non-profit organization that has been providing quality equine assisted activities for children and adults with special needs since 1981.Conestoga has agreed to partner with GMTRC and to pay them a portion of its income from each spreader sold.