C-80 PTO Horse Manure Spreader

C-80 PTO Horse Manure Spreader

C-80 PTO


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Ideal for 11-20 Horses

C-80 piled high with manure

C-80 Customer Testimonies

Victoria K

Everything went smoothly with an over-the-phone purchase! Jeb was excellent. The manure spreader came in perfect condition and is doing exactly what I need. Thank you to the entire team for facilitating the purchase.

Victoria K

r w

Just purchased our second Conestoga PTO manure spreader after many years of service from our first. They make a high quality machine and have excellent customer service and communication. I am grateful to have a local business like this doing such a good job! They have really made thoughtful and practical improvements to their designs over the years!

r w

Francis Thompson

We bought the 85 manure spreader with an extra beater bar, catch pan, and the gate. It has worked great and easy. It pulls behind my Kubota B3030 very easily and the PTO drive adjust easily to make the spread thicker or lighter. I have spread over 65 cubic yards so far, and not one issue, only smooth spreading. It loads very nicely, and I have heaped the spreader as full as I could get it (spilling over the sides), and the spreader never gets clogged or stops. I really like this machine.

Francis Thompson


Very easy ordering and delivery, great customer service. Build quality of the spreader is excellent.


c-80 PTO Horse Manure Spreader


The C-80 Horse Manure Spreader is the perfect size for 5-10 horses. Our spreaders are all designed and built for everyday use. The box is made of COR-TEN 12-gauge steel to resist corrosion. Adjustable web speed allows you to spread faster or slower.

This spreader is easy to load and use. You can get a normal job done in half the time. You can even opt for the Raptor Body Lining to increase durability. Conestoga's manure spreaders can help you get your work done better. Click the button below to contact us today about a price for one of these top quality horse manure spreaders.

C-80 PTO Horse Manure Spreader


PTO Horse manure spreader with replaceable rooster comb spreader paddles.

12 Replaceable Rooster Comb Paddles

12 Bolted Paddles with a large diameter are made of 3/16" quality steel for an excellent spreading pattern. The bolt-on style allows for easy replacement and is a feature not offered by many other spreader manufacturers.

An optional top beater bar is available for our PTO manure spreaders but it does not come standard.

Polyvinyl Flooring

The floor of the ground drive manure spreader is built with Polyvinyl flooring with a lifetime guarantee. This flooring allows for better flow and an easy cleanup. They will not rust or rot.

PTO Horse Manure Spreader with stainless steel apron chain.

Stainless Steel Apron Chain

The main apron chain is a common area for some ground driven manure spreaders to have problems. If an apron chain isn't stainless steel you can count on them failing within 7-10 years of purchase. Conestoga's Stainless Steel Apron Chains will literally never rust through. Our apron chains will keep your spreader running well and out of the repair shop.

Adjustable Web-Speed

Choose from four spreading speeds with an adjustable web speed lever. The easy-to-use lever allows you to adjust spreading thickness from a light dusting to a heavy coating.

Box Construction

The box of our ground driven manure spreader is built from long-lasting 12-gauge COR-TEN steel for extra corrosion resistance.

C-80 PTO Horse Manure Spreader


kubota side view
  • Heaped Capacity: 84 cubic feet
  • Overall Length: 168 inches
  • Overall Width: 65 inches
  • Loading Height: 36 inches
  • Flared Width: 48 inches
  • Box Width: 38 inches
  • Box Length: 105 inches
  • Box Construction: Fully Welded, 12 Gauge COR-TEN Steel
  • Floor Construction: High Density Poly-Vinyl (Tongue & Groove)
  • Beater Paddles: 12 Rooster Comb (Replaceable with 60 cutting teeth)
  • Beater Diameter: 21 inches
  • Drive: 540 RPM PTO
  • Apron Chain: 3/8" Stainless Steel T-Rod
  • Apron Drive: 4-Speed Ratchet Drive
  • Spindle: 1 3/4"
  • Wheels: 15x5-6 Bolt
  • Tires: 9.5x15 Imp
  • Shipping Weight: 1,150 pounds


Fine Spread Pan

c 80 fine spreader pan

Hydraulic End Gate

PTO Horse manure spreader with optional hydraulic end gate.

Raptor Liner

PTO horse manure spreader conestoga manure spreader with raptor liner.

Optional Top Beater

manure spreader

Dolly Wheel Jack

c 80 dolly wheel jack