CM-50 Compact Manure Spreader

CM-50 Compact Manure Spreader

The CM-50 is a compact manure spreader that operates with a ground drive system. You can easily haul this compact manure spreader with an ATV, UTV, or compact tractor. This ground-drive manure spreader doesn’t require any PTO to operate since the wheels provide the power to the stainless steel apron chain and spreader beaters.

This spreader is larger than the CM-25 atv manure spreader which is the other available ground drive model from Conestoga. Conestoga Manure Spreaders are built in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and designed by people who know spreaders.

The CM-50 features heavy-duty, welded construction, epoxy paint, and poly-vinyl floorboards. We’ve built our ground drive and PTO spreaders to last through years of regular use so that you can get your work done without extra hassle from cheap equipment. The CM-50 features a 50 cu. ft. spreader box made out of Cor-Ten steel. Contact us today for a free quote on one of these impressive compact manure spreaders.


Ideal for 5-11 Horses

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Tow with ATV, UTV, or Lawn Tractor

Financing Options

If you are interested in financing options for a new manure spreader you can fill out an application to see your choices for monthly payments. We would recommend to reach out to us before you apply for financing so you can figure out your best options!

CM-50 Customer Testimonies

Dutra Morris

These small spreader are Mighty! They have the best build quality I’ve have seen in spreaders this size. Conestoga really pays attention to detail when they make these. A very well thought out design.
The CM50 ground drive unit is my go to. Not too big. Not too small. Can be operated by a utv or a tractor.

Dutra Morris

Ted Jacob

Bought the small machine about four years ago. It has a simple drive system that works very well. Only problem is I should have bought a bigger machine as I do not get too far with a load. Very happy with the purchase!

Ted Jacob

Patrick Short

Assembly was easy, just took some time. Product extremely well built and the fit and finish are fantastic. Easy operation once attached to the 4wheeler. Tows great and unloaded with ease. Would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Patrick Short

brian sears

I bought the 50 cubic foot spreader, Great product! The salesman Jeb, was great! He knew the product and was very responsive.

brian sears

J Jenkins

Jeb made the entire process simple and fast. He explained differences in models, walked me through options, delivered the spreader ready to work, and helped with the first use. In about 3ish hours I spread my mountain of manure accumulated from the summer. Very pleased with my CM-50 and the Conestoga company!

J Jenkins


Very easy ordering and delivery, great customer service. Build quality of the spreader is excellent.


Leslie Passano

Jeb represented the product professionally & punctually. He personally deliver the spreader to our farm and showed me how to adjust the settings. Used it the first day to spread a monster pile and it handled the load great! The pile is all gone. I used my truck to pull it and my tractor to load it. This system worked for me as I don’t have a 4-wheeler or golf cart. Great product. Highly recommend the gate attachment and sprayed lining. This spreader will probably outlast me!

Leslie Passano

CM-50 Compact Manure Spreader

The CM-50 compact manure spreader was designed and built for regular use. This spreader offers 2x the capacity of the CM-25 ATV manure spreader. It is ideal for 5-11 horses and is capable of spreading any kind of manure. Hobby farmers and horse enthusiasts love this spreader and its capabilities and features. 

With 50 cu. ft. capacity, the CM-50 offers an easy loading height of 40" to the top of the spreader, and a width of 72" if loading sideways with a loader. This spreader is ideal for cleaning stalls, getting rid of your pile, or loading with a loader and pulling with a 2nd vehicle like a UTV etc. to eliminate hitching time.

The floorboards of this compact manure spreader are polyvinyl and guaranteed not to rot. The beater features 12 rooster comb paddles with individual, replaceable paddles. It is all-wheel drive to ensure that you continue spreading even when turning. This spreader's build features stainless steel for a few of the moving components like the T-Rod Chain, rods, and apron chain.

Regardless of your application, if you need a compact manure spreader that is ground driven but has a decent capacity (heaped capacity is 50 cu. ft. of manure) then this is the spreader for you.

cm 50 with a skidloader
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CM-50 COMPACT Manure Spreader

CM-50 liner frontend
  • Heaped Capacity: 50 cubic feet
  • Overall Length: 141 inches
  • Overall Width: 55 inches
  • Loading Height: 35 inches
  • Ideal Loading Bucket: 72 inches
  • Flared Width: 42.5 inches
  • Box Width: 35 inches
  • Box Length: 90 inches
  • Box Construction: Fully Welded, 12 Gauge COR-TEN Steel
  • Floor Construction: High-Density Poly-Vinyl (Tongue & Groove)
  • Beater Paddles: 12 Rooster Comb (Replaceable with 60 cutting teeth)
  • Beater Diameter: 19 inches
  • Drive: 2 Wheel Drive
  • Apron Chain: 3/8" Stainless Steel T-Rod
  • Apron Drive: 4-Speed Ratchet Drive
  • Spindle: 1 3/8"
  • Tires: 5.00-15 Traction
  • Shipping Weight: 845 pounds
  • Wheels: 15x5-4 Bolt
  • Recommended Towing Power: 20+ HP

CM-50 COMPACT Manure Spreader

cm 50 being loaded

12 Replaceable Rooster Comb Paddles

The CM-50 features 12 bolted paddles to create a wide-spreading pattern. We manufacture these paddles with 3/16” grade steel. Few manufacturers use a bolt-on design which allows for easy replacement and repair.

The top beater bar comes standard on the CM-50 compact manure spreader and ensures maximum shredding of your manure.

Polyvinyl Flooring

We use polyvinyl flooring with a lifetime guarantee. Polyvinyl flooring allows better flow and easy cleanup. Also, polyvinyl doesn’t rust or rot.

CM-50 loading

All Wheel Drive

Our uniquely designed ratchet clutch drive system makes spreading easy. Whether you are spreading straw bedding, shavings, or even a load mixed with hay- the CM-50 ground driven manure spreader will unload smoothly with NO WHEEL DRAG OR SLIPPING.

Adjustable Web-Speed

Choose from four spreading speeds with an adjustable web speed lever. The easy-to-use lever allows you to adjust spreading thickness from a light dusting to a heavy coating.

compact manure spreader chains

Stainless Steel Apron Chain

The main apron chain is a common area for some ground driven manure spreaders to have problems. If an apron chain isn't stainless steel you can count on them failing within 7-10 years of purchase. Conestoga's Stainless Steel Apron Chains will literally never rust through. Our apron chains will keep your spreader running well and out of the repair shop.

Box Construction

The box of our compact manure spreader is built from long-lasting 12-gauge COR-TEN steel for extra corrosion resistance.


Fine Spread Pan

conestoga manure spreaders fines pan beater paddles cm 25 1

Dolly Wheel Jack

untitled design 5

Raptor Liner

manure spreader protective spreader box coating

Manual End Gate

small atv ground drive manure spreader end gate


atv manure spreader color red
atv manure spreader color green
atv manure spreader color blue
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