CM-25 ATV Manure Spreader

CM-25 ATV Manure Spreader

The CM-25 is a small ATV manure spreader from Conestoga Manufacturing. This is our smallest manure spreader and it is powered by a ground drive, no PTO is required. You can haul this spreader with an ATV, UTV, lawn & garden tractor, or compact tractor. We design and build every manure spreader to meet the needs of our customers. Made in America, these spreaders are tough and durable and will last you through the years of regular use.

sm 25 beside a meadow

With 25 cu. ft. capacity, the CM-25 offers an easy loading height of 30″ to the top of the spreader, and a width of 60″ if loading sideways with a loader. This spreader is ideal for cleaning stalls, rolling it down the isle and lifting muck buckets into the spreader, or loading from a pile with a compact loader on a tractor.

All of our manure spreaders feature stainless steel apron chains ensuring that they will not rust through. Our spreaders also feature poly-vinyl floorboards that come with a lifetime guarantee against rot. We know that you need the best machines to get your work done and our spreaders are here to help you do just that.

Contact us today to get a free quote on a CM-25 ATV manure spreader or with any questions you may have. We would love to help you out.


Ideal for 1-5 Horses

manure spreader for atv ground driven manure spreader copy

Tow with ATV, UTV, or Lawn Tractor

Financing Options

If you are interested in financing options for a new manure spreader you can fill out an application to see your choices for monthly payments. We would recommend to reach out to us before you apply for financing so you can figure out your best options!

CM-25 Customer Testimonies

Mark Lykins

We received our CM-25GD spreader last week and are very pleased. We have 3 horses, 10 acres, and this model is perfect for us. No more adding to “the pile”.

We are pleased with the ease of operation and maintenance. And the quality construction should keep this spreader in operation for a long, long time.

Mark Lykins

Ted Jacob

Bought the small machine about four years ago. It has a simple drive system that works very well. Only problem is I should have bought a bigger machine as I do not get too far with a load. Very happy with the purchase!

Ted Jacob

Patrick Short

Assembly was easy, just took some time. Product extremely well built and the fit and finish are fantastic. Easy operation once attached to the 4wheeler. Tows great and unloaded with ease. Would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Patrick Short

Gerry Knapp

We have had a CM25 spreader for several years now, one of the best pieces of equipment we have. It gets overloaded and unloaded seven days a week rain, or shine even in recent big rain or snow weather events. We currently have eight horses on property never a problem. The folks at Conestoga are the best, always helpful and a pleasure to do business with. We have had other manufacturers in the past Conestoga is by far the best!!

Gerry Knapp

Chris Yochim

Had my Conestoga 25 ground drive manure spreader for 6 years with great reliability and performance in all weather. Use it every day for 4-6 horses. Heavy duty mechanisms, drive chain, beaters and floor and sidewalls. Even the tongue I connect to tractor is super strong steel. Heavy duty wheels and tires. My first was from another company and it needed repairs all the time because every part was lower quality and not strong enough to last.

Chris Yochim

DC Roseman

Our C-25 ground-drive spreader has never failed us in the approximately15 years that we’ve owned it. Very rugged, excellent fit and finish, and easy to use. It’s the predecessor model to the current CM-25. Highly recommend Conestoga Spreaders.

DC Roseman

Jennifer Riggle

After days of creating a classic Gilmore-esque pro/con list comparing the top-rated manure spreader manufacturers, we landed on the decision to purchase from Conestoga, and we’re so glad we did!
The process to order/purchase was a breeze with Jeb. He provided us with several options and plenty of information, hassle-free, via email. We received our first quote within 24 hours of our request even though it was a Saturday.
To be honest, Conestoga wasn’t a brand I had even heard of before, but frankly, I don’t know why. The warranties offered are fantastic compared to their competitors. I mean a lifetime warranty on the apron chain? It’s a no brainer, guys. I can’t comment on actually using the warranties, but if how we’ve been treated so far is any indication of what to expect, I’m not worried. Their prices are competitive with similar spreaders on the market even with the better materials. Despite the relatively few reviews found, every single one was excellent and now I know why.
Shipping and assembly was easy. Using the spreader has been great – we got a CM-25 ground driven spreader with rhino lining and a fines pan. We’ve been pulling it with our small 250 ATV without a problem! The tongue weight is minimal and is balanced well so that it is fairly easy to move around by hand.
Overall, we have been very happy with our investment thus far. Thanks Jeb for a great experience!

Jennifer Riggle

James Reinhold

Purchased the CM-25 ATV ground drive spreader a few months ago and very pleased with the build quality, components, mechanical design, and features. I had previously used an imported spreader that was awful and required constant repairs. There is literally no comparison – the CM 25 ATV is hands down way better in every way.

Jeb was great to work with and ordering was super easy. They also had financing options available. The spreader was delivered fast and secured in a well built crate. Assembly was straight forward and easy for even 1 person to tackle.

The ground drive mechanical operation is super smooth and the variable chain drive system is a nice feature to have. I really appreciate the attention to detail with the spray in liner and quality of steel components and finish. The dual beater system in the rear really does a great job of shredding and the way it is designed doesn’t cause manure to fling back on you when your driving the ATV.

If you are on the fence with the cost of these spreaders compared to the other companies and models out there, including the cheaper imported ones, stop comparing them. I wish I had spent the money up front for a quality spreader. If you happen to go with Conestoga, you’ll be glad you did and in turn will get longer life span, easier operation, and much better components and mechanical operation.

James Reinhold

William Doughty

My wife and I have owned two CM25 manure spreaders and we love the versatility and quality of our spreaders. Henry and all the team at Conestoga are very hands on and helpful if you have questions or need a part. if you want the best spreader on the market look no further!

William Doughty

Alexis Conte

Love my Conestoga CM-25 spreader! Incredibly easy to use that I handle it alone with no issues. This little spreader is a workhorse… we have three horses and it’s able to handle being loaded and unloaded over a couple acres of pasture with no problem at all. Up and down hills, easy to connect and disconnect and always does a great job. Having the ability to make adjustments while spreading is another great advantage. So incredibly pleased we invested in this spreader…one of our best farm purchases!

Alexis Conte


Very easy ordering and delivery, great customer service. Build quality of the spreader is excellent.


CM-25 ATV Manure Spreader

The smaller, CM-25 ATV manure spreader from Conestoga is designed for daily use and smaller loads. We designed this manure spreader to be strong and durable. We used stainless steel to construct the T-rod apron chain and cross slats and we used welded Cor-ten copper bearing steel for the box construction making it 4x stronger than carbon steel and more resistant to atmosphere corrosion.

The beater features a 12 rooster comb paddles that are bolted on for easy replacement when natural wear does occur. It is all-wheel drive to ensure that you continue spreading even when turning. This ATV manure spreader was built with you in mind.

atv manure spreader hitch

Wheel jack shown as an additional option.


CM-25 ATV Manure Spreader

sm 25 full of manure
  • Heaped Capacity: 25 cubic feet
  • Overall Length: 120 inches
  • Overall Width: 47 inches
  • Loading Height: 30 inches
  • Ideal Loading Bucket: 60 inches
  • Flared Width: 35 inches
  • Box Width: 28 inches
  • Box Length: 78 inches
  • Box Construction: Fully Welded, 12 Gauge COR-TEN Steel
  • Floor Construction: High Density Poly-Vinyl (Tongue & Groove)
  • Beater Paddles: 12 Rooster Comb (Replaceable with 60 cutting teeth)
  • Beater Diameter: 18 inches
  • Drive: 2 Wheel Drive
  • Apron Chain: 3/8" Stainless Steel T-Rod
  • Apron Drive: 4-Speed Ratchet Drive
  • Spindle: 1 3/8"
  • Tires: 6-12 Traction
  • Shipping Weight: 565 pounds
  • Wheels: 12x6-4 Bolt
  • Recommended Towing Power: 14+ HP

CM-25 ATV Manure Spreader

manure spreader rooster paddles

12 Replaceable Rooster Comb Paddles

12 Bolted Paddles with a large diameter are made of 3/16" quality steel for an excellent spreading pattern. The bolt-on style allows for easy replacement and is a feature not offered by many other spreader manufacturers. 

The top beater bar comes standard on the CM-25 ATV manure spreader and ensures maximum shredding of your manure.

Polyvinyl Flooring

The floor of the ground drive manure spreader is built with Polyvinyl flooring with a lifetime guarantee. This flooring allows for better flow and an easy cleanup. They will not rust or rot.

sm 25 being loaded with manure

All Wheel Drive

Our uniquely designed ratchet clutch drive system makes spreading easy. Whether you are spreading straw bedding, shavings, or even a load mixed with hay- the CM-25 ground driven manure spreader will unload smoothly with NO WHEEL DRAG OR SLIPPING.

Adjustable Web-Speed

Choose from four spreading speeds with an adjustable web speed lever. The easy-to-use lever allows you to adjust spreading thickness from a light dusting to a heavy coating.

atv manure spreader paddles

Stainless Steel Apron Chain

The main apron chain is a common area for some ground driven manure spreaders to have problems. If an apron chain isn't stainless steel you can count on them failing within 7-10 years of purchase. Conestoga's Stainless Steel Apron Chains will literally never rust through. Our apron chains will keep your spreader running well and out of the repair shop.

Box Construction

The box of our ground driven manure spreader is built from long-lasting 12-gauge COR-TEN steel for extra corrosion resistance.


Fine Spread Pan

conestoga manure spreaders fines pan beater paddles cm 25 1

Dolly Wheel Jack

cm 25 ground drive manure spreader atv manure spreader 1 copy

Raptor Liner

manure spreader protective spreader box coating

Manual End Gate

small atv ground drive manure spreader end gate


atv manure spreader color red
atv manure spreader color green
atv manure spreader color blue
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