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Ground Driven And PTO Driven Spreaders

In Stock Manure Spreaders For Sale!

Ground Driven Manure Spreaders

Conestoga Manufacturing is proud to offer the CM-25 and the CM-50 as their small ground driven manure spreaders for sale. Long as your towing vehicle has at least 13 hp you can use your with garden tractors, lawn mowers, ATVs, UTVs, or even pickup trucks to pull these ground driven spreaders. This ground driven system makes it easy to simply hook up your spreader and you are ready to go!

sm 25 beside a meadow

CM-25 Ground Driven Spreader 

The CM-25 is the smallest ATV manure spreader we offer here at Conestoga manufacturing. This model is completely ground driven, which means you can pull it using Using an ATV, UTV, Lawn tractor, or compact tractor. Our high-quality manure spreaders for sale are American made and tough enough to last you years of consistent use.

  • Box Width 28 inches
  • Box Length 78 inches
  • Overall Length 120 inches
  • Overall Width 47 inches
  • Load Height 30 inches
cm 50 with a skidloader

CM-50 Ground Driven Manure Spreader 

The CM-50 is in our lineup of compact manure spreaders for sale here at Conestoga Manufacturing. This unit can be operated using a ATV, UTV, or tractor. This ground-driven manure spreader doesn’t need to be connected to a PTO to operate as the wheels provide the power needed to spread a fine layer of manure. The CM-50 is built like all our manure spreaders for sale and features welded construction, epoxy paint, and a poly-vinyl floor. 

  • Box Width 35 inches
  • Box Length 90 inches
  • Overall Length 141 inches
  • Overall Width 55 inches
  • Load Height 35 inches

    PTO Driven Manure Spreaders

    Our Power Take Off (PTO) drive manure spreaders are the manure spreader you need to get the job done quick.  These larger machines are great for handling the manure of 5 or more horses. Built from quality material and made in America, our PTO spreaders can stand the test of time and do the work you need them to do.

    We have developed 4 different sized PTO manure spreaders. These four spreaders can be towed with any tractor that has PTO capabilities. The minimum PTO hp requried to pull the smallest of our PTO manure spreaders (the C-50 PTO) is 15 PTO.


    PTO manure spreader from conestoga manure spreaders in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

    C-50 PTO Driven Manure Spreader 

    The C-50 is our smallest of our PTO driven manure spreaders for sale. PTO or (Power take off) driven manure spreaders require a tractor with PTO capabilities. If you don’t own a tractor you can check out the CM-50 which is the same size spreader box, just without the PTO. All our spreaders are built from 12-gauge COR-TEN steel and spreader bed boards that are made out PVC recycled material. 

    • Box Width 35 inches
    • Box Length 90 inches
    • Overall Length 142 inches
    • Overall Width 57 inches
    • Load Height 35 inches
        C-80 piled high with manure

        C-80 PTO Driven Manure Spreader 

        The C-80 is ideal for hauling the manure of 5-11 horses. We design and build our spreaders so our customers can use them every day without worrying about rusting or a mechanical failure. You can even upgrade to a raptor body lining wich with further increase the durability of your manure spreader. When it comes to the market of manure spreaders for sale, you won’t find a better option for your small farm.

        • Box Width 38 inches
        • Box Length 105 inches
        • Overall Length 168 inches
        • Overall Width 65 inches
        • Load Height 36 inches
              C-125 barn

              C-125 PTO Driven Manure Spreader 

              Conestoga is proud to offer this mid-size spreader it our line of manure spreaders for sale. This spreader is designed to hold the manure of 10-25 horses. The CM-125 is a great manure spreader for a mid-sized farming operationand can be pulled by a mid-sized or large tractor. All our manure spreaders come equipped with a stainless steel apron chain that can never rust through, giving you peace of mind for years to come. 

              • Box Width 46 inches
              • Box Length 128 inches
              • Overall Length 198 inches
              • Overall Width 76 inches
              • Load Height 43 inches
                      c 175 pit

                      C-175 PTO Driven Manure Spreader 

                      We are proud to offer the C-175 as the largest of our manure spreaders for sale. This machine is built to get the job done quickly, and can haul the manure of over 25 horses! The C-175 can be pulled by most mid-sized or large tractors and is fitted with an adjustable hitch to fit most tracto sizes. Like all our other manure spreaders for sale the C-175 comes standard with polyvinyl flooring, guaranteeing you that you bed boards will never rot. 

                      • Box Width 47 inches
                      • Box Length 144 inches
                      • Overall Length 212 inches
                      • Overall Width 87 inches
                      • Load Height 45 inches

                                The products listed on this page are manure spreaders and drop spreaders that we have available right now at our shop! You can contact us today about any of these machines if you are interested in what you see below. These models are available on a first-come-first-serve basis only. We do our best to keep this page up to date!