PTO Tow-Behind Manure Spreader

C-125 PTO Tow-Behind Manure Spreader

C-125 PTO


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Ideal for 21 – 25 Horses

PTO tow behind manure spreader from conestoga manure spreaders.

c-125 PTO Tow-Behind Spreader

The C-125 PTO Tow-Behind Manure Spreader is Conestoga’s mid-size tow-behind manure spreader. Constructed from 10-gauge COR-TEN steel, it’s built to withstand the rigors of daily farm use. Compared to the C-80 Horse Manure Spreader (designed for 5-10 horses), the C-125 is set up for 10-25 horses. If you have a mid-sized farming operation this is the tow-behind manure spreader for you. 

The C-125 can be pulled by a mid-sized or large tractor. It comes equipped with a Stainless Steel Apron Chain that will never rust through. It’s also ready to go with an adjustable hitch to fit different tractor sizes. There are a number of special upgrades you can choose as well to enhance and customize performance (you can view those below under the options section). Contact us today using the “Get Your Price” button below for a quote.

C-125 PTO Tow-Behind Manure Spreader


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12 Replaceable Rooster Comb Paddles

12 Bolted Paddles with a large diameter are made of 3/16″ quality steel for an excellent spreading pattern. The bolt-on style allows for easy replacement and is a feature not offered by many other spreader manufacturers.

An optional top beater bar is available for our PTO manure spreaders but it does not come standard.

Polyvinyl Flooring

The floor of the ground drive manure spreader is built with Polyvinyl flooring with a lifetime guarantee. This flooring allows for better flow and an easy cleanup. They will not rust or rot.

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Stainless Steel Apron Chain

The main apron chain is a common area for some ground driven manure spreaders to have problems. If an apron chain isn’t stainless steel you can count on them failing within 7-10 years of purchase. Conestoga’s Stainless Steel Apron Chains will literally never rust through. Our apron chains will keep your spreader running well and out of the repair shop.

Adjustable Web-Speed

Choose from four spreading speeds with an adjustable web speed lever. The easy-to-use lever allows you to adjust spreading thickness from a light dusting to a heavy coating.

Box Construction

The box of our ground driven manure spreader is built from long-lasting 12-gauge COR-TEN steel for extra corrosion resistance.

C-125 PTO Tow-Behind Manure Spreader


PTO tow behind manure spreader from conestoga manure spreaders, shop image.
  • Heaped Capacity: 125 cubic feet
  • Overall Length: 198 inches
  • Overall Width: 76 inches
  • Loading Height: 43 inches
  • Flared Width: 59 inches
  • Box Width: 46 inches
  • Box Length: 128 inches
  • Box Construction: 10 Gauge COR-TEN Steel
  • Floor Construction: High-Density Poly-Vinyl (Tongue & Groove)
  • Beater Paddles: 12 Rooster Comb (Replaceable with 60 cutting teeth)
  • Beater Diameter: 23 inches
  • Drive: 540 RPM PTO
  • Apron Chain: 7/16″ Stainless Steel T-Rod
  • Apron Drive: 4-Speed Ratchet Drive
  • Spindle: 2 1/8″
  • Wheels: 15×6-8 Bolt
  • Tires: 10-15-SL
  • Shipping Weight: 1,700 pounds


Fine Spread Pan

PTO tow behind manure spreader with fines pan.

Optional Top Beater

PTO tow behind manure spreader with optional top beater.

Raptor Liner

PTO tow behind manure spreader from conestoga manure spreader with raptor liner.

Hydraulic End Gate

PTO tow behind manure spreader  with hydraulic end gate.


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C-125 PTO

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Ideal for 21-25 Horses


I’ve owned several of the “big name” manure spreaders, but the Conestoga spreader is by far the best. It has a much better design, more durable parts, and a very reasonable price. My other spreaders couldn’t handle spreading manure mixed with hay, but the Conestoga spreads it quickly and easily.

Linda S. West Virginia

I have been running my own business for 30 years, and I have been very pleased with both the manure spreader that I purchased, as well as the very professional and reasonable servicing Conestoga does for me once or twice a year. These are honest good people that do a great job with their business.

Aggie O. , Pennsylvania

Conestoga is by far the best spreader out there. After 2 years of continuous use, it works perfectly. I would match the Conestoga against any out there.

Wendy C. , North Carolina