Small Spreaders – Off the Shelf or Customized?

For many horse enthusiasts and small farms purchase one, maybe two, manure spreaders in a lifetime. Purchasing a compact manure spreader is an investment and you expect yours to last. That means it needs to stand up to the elements, be easy to maintain (but not maintenance free!) and easy to use. But if you’re planning on purchasing a high-quality manure spreader that you expect to last for 10 years or more you may also want to consider options that can enhance productivity and save time. If you’re considering adding options to your compact manure spreader, consider the following:

  • How easy is it for the manufacturer to custom-build my manure spreader? (For U.S. manufacturers like Conestoga, customization with existing options is easy.)
  • What options are available? (Most manufacturers offer similar options. View Conestoga’s options and please note that stainless steel T-rod chains are standard not optional!)
  • What are the extra costs? (This depends on the cost of your unit and options. Call to 1-855-822-1976 discuss.)
  • Does adding options change the serviceability of my unit? (No!)
  • What types of options will improve productivity? (A good example is a top beater that prevents downtime.)
  • What other options should I consider? (End gates prevent material losses and an adjustable wheel jack adds flexibility. There are other options to consider and sometimes calling to discuss your needs and usage help us narrow it down for you!)

It’s possible to purchase an off-the-shelf model but options can save time and reduce manual labor. Think through your needs and application to consider whether or not adding options are right for you!