It’s a manure spreader, it’s meant to be outside – how much maintenance does it require? That’s a natural question and one we hear frequently. The fact is no manure spreader is maintenance free. Every piece of farm or horse equipment needs regular maintenance and greasing to last, especially manure spreaders. Without regular maintenance or greasing, you can expect spreaders to last 2 or 3 years at the very longest.

And remember, if you want a spreader that last for many years, quality materials and construction do matter. Be sure to carefully compare body structure and components. Use the Conestoga Manure Spreader Comparison sheet to help with your quality comparison.

Keep it Clean

Probably the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your manure spreader is to clean it after every use. Manure that remains in the spreader will cause long-term damage and diminish the spreader’s life span considerably. While this is particularly important for spreaders with wooden floors, it also applies to spreaders with steel floors (these will begin to rust in 2 to 3 years). Conestoga offers a lifetime warranty on its durable T&G polyvinyl interlocking floors but we still recommend that you clean your spreader after every use. Damage from remaining manure is not limited to floors.

Keep your Spreader Properly Oiled

To ensure proper operation which impacts spreading capabilities, your spreader must be oiled on a regular basis. How often you use your spreader may determine your schedule but at least make it a habit to check things like the apron chain on a regular basis.

Store Your Spreader Inside

Many top-quality spreaders are powder coated which boosts longevity. Even so, your manure spreader will last longer if it is stored inside (barn, shed, etc.). Your spreader is working hard enough as it is without also having to deal with the elements!

Check for Rust and Debris

Be sure to check for rust and debris on your spreader before every use. Debris, such as hardened manure or mud, can negatively impact your spreader’s performance over time. Rust, if left unchecked, can spread and turn what could have been fixed easily into an expensive repair or total replacement.

Remember – no manure spreader is maintenance free. Some say they are low maintenance. But all manure spreaders need to be maintained in order to last. We’re happy to answer any questions about manure spreader usage, how to select the spreader that’s right for you, and how to make it last!