Product Spotlight: C-125 PTO Manure Spreader

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In today’s spotlight post we are going to be featuring the Conestoga Manure Spreader model C-125 PTO. The C-125 is well built and is designed to attach to a mid to large sized tractor. This model also includes a standard bed shield to prevent manure losses and a variable speed apron so you can set the correct application speed. The C-125 PTO manure spreader by Conestoga Manure spreaders measures in at 76″ wide and 16′-6″ in length and features an impressive 85 cubic feet of material storage space.

The C-125 PTO also features 10 gauge COR-TEN steel which is known for it’s high resistance to corrosion. When you combine the COR-TEN steel and the high density Polyvinyl 3/4″ tongue and groove floor you have a spreader that is BUILT TO LAST! This model also features 12 bolted on- larger rooster comb paddles which are made of a high quality 1/4″ steel to create an excellent spreading pattern.

Additional Features of the C-125 PTO Manure Spreader include:

  • Fine Spread Pan
  • Top Beater
  • Hydraulic End Gate
  • GatorHyde body lining