What is a PTO Manure Spreader?

Are you looking for the right manure spreader for your specific needs?

Conestoga Manure Spreaders can help you decide. We can also help answer a question that many first-time buyers ask: What exactly is a PTO manure spreader?

Literally speaking, PTO stands for “Power Take Off.” The PTO is a shaft on the rear end of a tractor that transfers power from the tractor to another piece of equipment such as a manure spreader. So, a PTO spreader is one that is operated by the power from a tractor or ATV.

Compare this to a ground-drive spreader that uses the movement of the wheel against the ground to generate the power that distributes the manure.

Typically you’ll find a PTO spreader is a larger-sized or heavy-duty spreader. A PTO spreader is great for large horse farms, farm-ettes, and small farms. With a PTO spreader, you’ll likely have larger capacity than with a ground drive spreader. And, you get greater control over spreading speed and distribution.

If you’re considering which spreader is right for your application, you’ll also need to consider size (how much you need the spreader to hold). This can be determined in part by the size of your operation (how much will you have to spread at one time) and the frequency with which you’ll need to spread manure (Daily? Weekly? Monthly?).

One thing many PTO spreader owners will tell you is that they can be difficult to hook up to a tractor or ATV. A Conestoga spreader is easy to attach and can be done quickly.

A PTO spreader can help you reduce time associated with manure spreading by as much as 50%. How easy it is to use is part of this equation. Before you purchase a PTO spreader, ask questions about how easy it is to hook up, how easy it is to operate and how easy it is to clean.

Speaking of cleaning…check back next month for our article about manure spreader maintenance.

Thanks for reading!