Model C-175 PTO Manure Spreaders


The Model C-175 PTO can be attached to a mid- to large-sized tractor. Standard features include a bed shield to prevent premature manure losses, an adjustable hitch for different tractor heights, and a variable speed apron. Options include a hydraulic end gate to reduce spillage, top beater to assist with spreading, fine spread fan, and GatorHyde bed liner.

To learn more or to place an order, please call 855-822-1976 or submit our contact form.

Standard Features:

  • 12 Rooster Comb Paddles: 12 bolted paddles with NEW larger diameter are made of ¼” quality steel for an excellent spreading pattern. Replacement paddles available.
  • Polyvinyl Floors: Guaranteed for a lifetime, smooth for a better flow and an easy cleanup! Will not rust or rot!
  • T-Rod & Stainless Steel Apron Chain: The highest quality apron chain on the market, the T-Rod provides better durability and performance.
  • Adjustment for Main Apron: Adjusting the main apron chain is easy. Simply loosen two side bolts and turn the front nut to your preference! Easy access for sprocket lubrication.
  • Swing-Away Jacks: Our easy operating jacks are specially designed for Conestoga spreaders.
  • All-Wheel Drive: Our special ratchet clutch drive system very easily unloads your spreader. Whether you are using straw bedding, shavings, or even mixed with hay, the Conestoga unloads smoothly, and there is no wheel drag or slipping!
  • Manure Spreader Adjustable Hitch: Adjusts to different tractor heights.
  • Bed Shield: Helps stop waste, keeps manure in place until you’re ready.
  • Drive System: With unique variable speed apron. 3-year warranty on gearbox.
  • Box Construction: Long-lasting COR-TEN 10-gauge steel for extraordinary corrosion resistance.
  • PTO Drive: Hooks up quickly and easily to your medium or large tractor.
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Capacity:,115 cu. ft.,Overall Length:,17' 8"
Overall Width:,80",Loading Height:,45"
Flared Width:,59",Box Width:,47"
Box Length:,144",Box Height:,25"
Box Construction:,10-GA COR-TEN,Floor Construction:,High Density Polyvinyl 3/4" T&G
Beater Paddles:,12 replaceable,Beater Diameter:,22"
Drive:,PTO with Gear Box,Wheels:,8-Bolt
Tires:,10/15 SL ,Weight (with tires):,1900 lbs.

Options for the Model C-175 PTO Manure Spreader include:

  • Fine Spread Pan
  • Top Beater
  • Hydraulic End Gate
  • GatorHyde Body Lining

To learn more or to place an order, please call 855-822-1976 or submit our contact form. If you would like to download the spec sheet for the C-175 PTO please click here.


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