American Made: Manure Spreaders, Drop Spreaders, And Manure Pumps

Conestoga Manufacturing is dedicated to building quality, American made Manure Spreaders, Drop Spreaders, and Manure Pumps that will help you get the job done right. Our equipment lines are ideal for small farms, organic farms, and horse lovers.

We’ve designed and built equipment for daily use that will hold up over time. Our Manure Spreaders feature standard quality measures that can’t be found on competitive models. You can easily tow our manure spreaders and drop spreaders with lawn tractors, ATVs, or larger farm tractors.

No matter what your application needs are, we’ve got a piece of machinery right for you.

Ground-Drive Manure Spreaders

Our line of compact Ground-Drive Manure Spreaders includes the CM-25 and the CM-50. You can tow these models with garden tractors, ATVs, UTVs, or compact tractors with at least 13 hp. The ground drive system that these spreaders use allows the ground to do all the work of spreading. No PTO required! 

Ground Drive Models

The CM-25 is designed for 1-5 horses. It has a capacity of 25 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 15 hp to tow fully loaded.

The CM-50 is  designed for 5-11 horses. It has a capacity of 50 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 13 hp to tow fully loaded.

PTO Drive Manure Spreaders

Check out the C-50, C-80, C-125, and C-175, these are the power take-off(PTO) spreaders. These four spreaders can be towed with any tractor that has PTO capabilities. PTO-drive means that the piece of equipment you’re using needs power from the drive shaft of the vehicle pulling it in order to operate.

Our PTO drive manure spreaders are the big guns, the heavy hitters. If you have 5 or more horses then you’re going to want to get one of these machines for your operation. Built from quality material and made in America, our PTO spreaders can stand the test of time and do the work you need them to do.



The C-50 is designed for 5-11 horses. It has a capacity of 50 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 15 hp and PTO to tow and spread.

The C-80 is designed for 11-21 horses. It has a capacity of 84 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 18 hp and PTO to tow and spread.

C-80-PTO Manure Spreader

The C-125 is designed for 21-25 horses. It has a capacity of 125 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 35 hp and PTO to tow and spread.

The C-175 is designed for 25+ horses. It has a capacity of 175 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 40 hp and PTO to tow and spread.

Liquid Manure Pumps

At Conestoga, we sell more than just manure spreaders. We also manufacture and sell Liquid Manure Pumps in 2 different options, either a 2 Point Hitch model or a Trailered model. You can choose which pump will fit your needs best and get a quote from us by reaching out. 

C-80-PTO Manure Spreader

The 2 Point Hitch Model utilizes a 2 point hitch system toconnect to the tractor. This pump needs at least 90-140 hp (depending on the model) and a USA Gear Box Shaft of 1-3/4×20.

The Trailered model manure pump (pictured) uses only the tractor drawbar hitch point. The smallest model needs 90 hp, and the largest model uses 130 hp.

Drop Spreaders

Quality, stainless-steel, made in America drop spreaders sold at Conestoga Manufacturing. These drop spreaders can handle lime, salt, sand, fertilizer, and more with guaranteed reliability and ease of use. Whether you have a big yard, landscaping business, small farm, or larger property we have have a drop spreader for you. Our DSC line of spreaders come in three different sizes but are all manufactured with the same level of quality and excellence.

DSC-4800 Drop Spreader

The DSC-4800 is the smallest and lightest drop spreader available from Conestoga. It has on overall spread width of 48 inches or 4 feet.

The DSC-6000 is the mid-size drop spreader in our lineup. This spreader has an overall spread width of 60 inches or 5 feet.

The DSC-7200 is the largest and heaviest drop spreader in our lineup. This spreader has an overall spread width of 72 inches or 6 feet.

Ice Control Unit

In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania we know a thing or two about winter weather. If you don’t have the right equipment to spread material to combat snow you can get into all kinds of trouble. Our Ice-Control unit is basically a drop spreader with 3-point hitch capabilities and electric control for the spreading system.

Our Ice-control unit is perfect for treating long drive ways, small parking lots, or even side walks. Instead of spreading material by hand in the winter months get one of our machines. You can spend less time spreading and more time sledding (or winning snowball fights).

DSC-4800 Drop Spreader

The Ice Control Unit can be used to spreader salt on driveways, parking lots, or sidewalks. It uses 12-volt power from the tractor to control the spreading action.

Our  Warranty:


Conestoga now offers a 10 Year Warranty on its spreader sides, a 3 Year full warranty on all C-model compact spreaders, a lifetime guarantee on the polyvinyl floor, and a lifetime guarantee on the stainless chain.

These warranties do not cover mishandling or abuse of the product.

We Support a Charity with each purchase:


Conestoga Mfg. supports a local, non-profit organization that uses horses for the good of humanity. This organization is Greystone Manor Therapeutic Riding Center (GMTRC), PO Box 10724, Lancaster, PA 17605-0724, a non-profit organization that has been providing quality equine assisted activities for children and adults with special needs since 1981.Conestoga has agreed to partner with GMTRC and to pay them a portion of its income from each spreader sold.