Conestoga Manufacturing is dedicated to building quality, American made Manure Spreaders, Drop Spreaders, and Manure Pumps that will help you get the job done right. Our equipment lines are ideal for small farms, organic farms, and horse lovers.

We’ve designed and built equipment for daily use that will hold up over time. Our Manure Spreaders feature standard quality measures that can’t be found on competitive models. You can easily tow our manure spreaders and drop spreaders with lawn tractors, ATVs, or larger farm tractors.

No matter what your application needs are, we’ve got a piece of machinery right for you.

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Stainless Steel Apron Chains

Lifetime Guarantee

All Conestoga Manure Spreaders come equipped with Stainless Steel Apron Chains and a Lifetime Guarantee on each apron chain. Our apron chains will not rust through. You will get years and years of consitent performance out of our manure spreaders and never have to worry about repairing or replacing rusted through apron chains.

Replacing apron chains can easily cost $500.00 or more. You will save money with a Stainless Steel Apron Chain and never have to wait on your spreader to be repaired because of a broken chain. Click the button below to get a free price quote on a Conestoga Manure Spreader today.


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10-YEAR Spreader Frame/Spreader Box Warranty

All of Conestoga Manufacturing’s Manure Spreaders feature a 10-YEAR Spreader Frame/Spreader Box rust-through warranty. We’re so confident that you won’t have rust-through issues with your manure spreader’s box or frame that we offer this great 10-YEAR warranty. 

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3-YEAR Mechanical Warranty

Another warranty guarantee from Conestoga Manufacturing is our 3-YEAR Mechanical Warranty. We’ll take care of any unforeseen mechanical issues you have with your manure spreader within the first 3 years of ownership. This mechanical warranty does not apply to commercial farming use or abuse of the manure spreader. 

manure spreader poly floor bed warranty guarantee
LIFETIME Poly-Vinyl Floor Warranty

Conestoga Manufacturing offers a LIFETIME Warranty on all of our manure spreader poly-vinyl flooring. Our poly-vinyl flooring will last the lifetime of your spreader. Our poly-vinyl floor boards are made from similar material that a lot of exterior poly-vinyl deck boards are made out of. Traditional wooden floor boards will rot out over time from regular use but our boards hold up against time and regular use.


What Types Of Manure Can You Spread?

You can spread all types of manure with a Conestoga Manure Spreader! Our spreaders are designed to handle whatever type of manure you want to spread. People often think that our spreaders are only for horse manure but that is not true at all. You can spread any manure with our spreaders.

You can spread chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, goat manure, horse manure, and whatever else your job calls for. Our manure spreaders are set up to spread mixes of straw and manure as well. You will find that our spreaders are versatile and built to help you take care of all your spreading needs.

Ground Driven Manure Spreaders

The CM-25 and CM-50 are Conestoga Manufacturing’s 2 grounf driven manure spreaders. These spreaders can easily be towed with garden tractors, lawn mowers, ATVs, UTVs, or even pickup trucks with at least 13 hp. Because these spreaders run off of a ground drive system you just need to get them moving to get them spreading.

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The CM-25 is designed for 1-5 horses. It has a heaped capacity of 26 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 13 hp to tow fully loaded.

The CM-50 is  designed for 5-11 horses. It has a heaped capacity of 50 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 18 hp to tow fully loaded.

PTO Driven Manure Spreaders

Our Power Take Off (PTO) drive manure spreaders are the big guns, the heavy hitters. If you have 5 or more horses then you’re going to want to consider one of these machines for your operation. Built from quality material and made in America, our PTO spreaders can stand the test of time and do the work you need them to do.

We have developed 4 different sized PTO manure spreaders. These four spreaders can be towed with any tractor that has PTO capabilities. The minimum PTO hp requried to pull the smallest of our PTO manure spreaders (the C-50 PTO) is 15 PTO. 


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The C-50 is designed for 5-11 horses. It has a heaped capacity of 50 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 15 PTO hp to tow and spread.

The C-80 is designed for 11-20 horses. It has a heaped capacity of 84 cu. ft. and requires a minimum of 18 PTO hp to tow and spread.